Our History

Although our school is new - the school was founded in Al Ain in September 2018, we have a long history and Heritage dating from England in the 19th Century.

Belvedere International School combines both a British heritage and an international perspective, where children become effective, enthusiastic and independent life-long learners able to adapt to the changes and challenges of a fast-moving, modern world.

The school is proud of its British origins, history and traditions.

The school was founded in 1880 as Liverpool High School, by the then Girls' Public Day School Company (which became the Girls' Day School Trust). The first building was at 17 Belvedere Road, and the school gradually acquired other premises in the road. The name was then changed to The Belvedere School in 1911. Now over 140 years later, the Belvedere school name with all its history arrives in Al Ain! 

140 years of premium british educationand counting ...

Belvedere International School
Al Hili, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
+971 3 719 0000

Belvedere International School

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