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At Belvedere International School, Al Ain, our outstanding team of teaching and support staff set each child on their journey to develop the skills of lifelong learning and enable all of our students to realise their full potential.

Teacher with prep school childrenOur staff are from all over the world and we pride ourselves on our diverse and globally-minded staff body who approach life at Belvedere with smiles on their faces and a positive mindset throughout the academic year.

We ensure our students are central to their learning and that they share in our high expectations of them. We look to our students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and solution finders. We also love to celebrate our children’s achievements and we believe in celebrating success in whatever form that may take in school life.

We would love you to come and visit as soon as you can. We would love to show you around our school and hope that you join us in our educational journey.

Senior Leadership Team

Staff MemberContact Details
Mr. Gary Wright
Acting Vice Principal
Ms. Antonette Naidoo
Head of Arabic Department
Ms. Hala Fahmi

Academic Staff

Gemma Holden, FS2Bgemma@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Danai Sklika , FS2R    danai@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Kimberley Sinclair , Year 1Bkimberley@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Emma Grimshaw, Year 1Gemmagrimshaw@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Emma Pascoe, Year 1Remma@belvederinternationalschool.com
Jenna Rowe, Year 2Bjenna@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Benjemi Barnard, Year 3Bbenjemi@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Niall Smyth, Year 3Rniall@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Dana Drimml, Year 4Bdana@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Edric Pascoe, Year 4Redric@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Chris Dhondee, Year 5Bchris@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Reece Glynn-Manley, Year 5Rreece@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Leanne Woods, Year 6Bleanne@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Antonette Naidoo, Year 6Rantonette@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Ismail Douma, Year 7B Form Tutor (French)ismaildouma@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Rachel Kirk, Year 7R Form Tutor (English)rachel@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Kesigan Govender Y7G Form Tutor, (Science)kesigan@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Hein Ludwig VD Worm, Year 8B Form Tutor (Maths)hein@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Nisrein Rariah, Year 8R Form Tutor (Arabic)nisrein@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Zoltan Nemes–Nagy, Year 9B Form Tutor (Science)zoltan@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Paula Solomon Year 9R Form Tutor (English)paula@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Ali Nemir, Arabic (Years 6/7)ali@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Mohamed Eldahshan, Arabic (Years 4/5)m.eldahshan@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Mohamed Abousheishaa, Islamic (Years 6/7/8/9)m.abousheishaa@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Shaza Bittar, Arabic/Islamic/Social Studies (Year 2)shaza@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Najah Soliman, Arabic/Islamic/Social Studies (Year 3)najah@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Zainab Khalid, Islamic/Social Studies(Years 4/5)zainab@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Asmaa Hamdy, Social Studies (Years 6/7/8/9)asmaa@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Huoda Al Melhem, Arabic and Islamic Studies (FS2/ Year 1)huoda@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Nisrein Rabiah, Arabic (Years 8/9)nisrein@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Heba Mahaini , Social Worker/SENCOsenco@belvedereinternationalschool.com

Administration Department

Rashmi Mahesh, PA to Principalprincipalspa@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Mai Zaben, Admissions Officeradmissions@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Ahlam Warrar, Administration Supportadmissionsoffice@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Deema Saleh, Human Resources Managerhr@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Hanan Yousef , Facilities Manager/Health & Safetyfacilitiesmanager@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Hanadi Al Najjar, Receptionistreception@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Mohammed Ismail, IT Technicianhelpdesk@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Mahmoud Mahmoud, Finance Officeaccounts@belvedereinternationalschool.com
Ayat Odeh, School Nursenurse@belvedereinternationalschool.com

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