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The House System at Belvedere International School 

History and background of House System 
The house system is a traditional feature of schools in the English-speaking schools originating in  England. The school is divided into subunits called ‘Houses’ and each student is allocated to one  House at the moment of enrollment. Each house will usually also be identified by its own symbol,  logo and colour. 

Aim of House System in BIS 
The House System aims to facilitate more mixing between the different year groups, increase  community spirit, peer mentoring, boost the existing rewards system, encourage more students  to get involved in competitions, and develop leadership opportunities for students of all year  groups. 

Every student who attends Belvedere International School is assigned to a house and they remain  in the same house until they leave BIS. The members of teaching staff are assigned to a specific  House. We try to ensure that a child with older siblings joins the same House as their brothers  and sisters were (or are) in. In both Prep and Senior, the allocation of new students to Houses  ensures, as far as possible, equal House representation in each year group. Gender balance is  also considered. In BIS, we have four Houses: 

● Horses 
● Eagles 
● Falcons 
● Leopards 

Each House at BIS has a House Captain and Vice Captain. These students have responsibilities  that include organising sports teams, ensuring new House members are settling in at school and  other roles and responsibilities including academic and pastoral.

House Points 
Students can earn House Points for participation in events, winning certificates and medals,  positive involvement in the local community, good pieces of work, high levels of effort, and  contribution to school life. These points all add up towards a cumulative House total and a trophy  is awarded at each week, End of Term and End of the year.  

The criteria for which Merits and House Points are awarded:

Academic Excellence 

  • An excellent piece of work showing effort
  • Completing Classwork and homework on time 
  • Achieving good grades in assessments 
  • Showing good attendance in school and lesson on weekly base 
  • Participation in class projects etc.. 

Pastoral/Social Values 

  • Being organised - Having the correct uniform regularly 
  • Being helpful - Volunteering to help tidy classroom, taking a message for or assisting the  teacher. 
  • Being kind - Caring for someone when they are hurt, looking after new students, including  others in games, sharing with and thinking of others. 
  • Being polite - Greeting people correctly, saying please and thank you, opening doors,  allowing others to go first, smiling, being friendly, using names appropriately. ● Being a team player - Taking initiative and responsibility, cooperating, being supportive  of others and respecting their ideas, offering compliments, being positive and  encouraging. 
  • Being honest - Owning up to mistakes, telling the truth. 

House Rewards 
Throughout the whole academic year Prep and Senior School students receive a certificate when  they have achieved 50, 75 and 100. 

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