At Belvedere we not only want our students to achieve academic success, but we also recognise that they all progress academically at individual rates. It is important for us to work with students to achieve their individual potential; to challenge and to push and to encourage and motivate our students. We aim to equip them with the skills to think independently, research, question, analyse and evaluate.

We want our students to contribute in the classroom, in the school community and in the wider world

Beyond academic expectations, we also focus on each student’s personal and social development. We want our students to be confident, considerate, respectful and globally aware. Such skills are developed through relationships established between teachers and students and between students themselves.

We appreciate children are not one size fits all in their learning experience and each child is unique. We want our students to seek deeper learning to understand what is going on around them.

We want our curriculum to be creative, in-depth and challenging and at the very core of this are our excellent teaching staff. We want parents to review and discuss homework or assignments as the partnership between teacher-student-parent is vital in achieving academic excellence.

We also offer enrichment and activities after school that benefit our students, as well as having a Gifted and Talented Committee with these students selected by their Class Teachers and Form Tutors. 

We promote an open and collaborative learning culture where students share ideas, value each other’s contributions and critical thinking is embraced by students of all ages.

We want our students to contribute in the classroom, in the school community and in the wider world, and we genuinely believe this comes from the opportunities to explore at Belvedere in their own academic environment.

We hope our academic ethos here at Belvedere reflects the style of education you want for your child and hopefully we will welcome you one day to our school.