What kind of education does Belvedere International School offer?

Belvedere International School offers an education based on the British education system from Nursery to eventually Sixth Form, complete with numerous co-curricular activities. A distinctive feature of the school is its ‘holistic’ education. We focus not only on every child reaching their academic potential, but also to extending the breadth of their education through co-curricular activities and individual pastoral care

Belvedere International School has a Nursery, Prep School and Senior School. The Nursery is for children aged 2-4 and is much more than a child care setting – we help Nursery children to maximise their potential academically, physically, culturally and socially.

Our Prep School is for children aged 5-11. In the British national curriculum, the Prep School is separated into two Key Stages; KS1 is for students aged 5-7 and KS2 is for students aged 7-11. The Prep School builds on the broad base of experiences in Nursery to continue to develop students into responsible learners with a broad and balanced curriculum within a supportive learning environment.

Senior School is for students aged 11-18 and this again is broken down into Key Stages; KS3, KS4 and KS5. KS3 for Years 7-9, where students are taught lessons by specialist teachers and the curriculum is rich and dynamic. KS4 is when students in Year 10 and 11 take IGCSEs in a range of subjects offered by Cambridge International Examinations. Finally, in Sixth Form, also known as KS5 and for Years 12 and 13, students take the A-Level examinations. 

The school day starts at 7.30 am and finishes at 2.30pm. There are extra-curricular activities on offer after this.

As a British International School, we follow the English National Curriculum from Year 1 and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) for the Nursery and FS2. 

Yes, throughout the whole school and with the Arabic and Islamic Department teaching their subjects in Arabic. Our British Curriculum staff are all native English speakers with British teaching qualifications and experience. 

Yes, Belvedere International School has a comprehensive school bus network covering all areas of Al Ain.

Belvedere International School is a community and parents are an especially important part of it. Each class has a Parent Representative and the Parent’s Forum meets regularly. Also there are regular coffee mornings with parents. Under normal circumstances parents can get involved in a variety of activities throughout the academic year, from helping to organise events, being a representative for your child’s class or watching your children perform in an assembly, we want to offer the chance for you to be involved as much as is practically possible. Although the temporary measures related to the pandemic mean that these activities are currently scaled back – this doesn’t mean parents’ involvement is any less valued.

Under normal circumstances the school provides a healthy hot lunch each day in the school Canteen. We ensure that the children receive a healthy and balanced variety of foods. 

Belvedere International School offers a wide range of activities. Due to the Covid pandemic, the activities are currently offered online. 

Yes, our students wear the Belvedere School uniform, the same as the UK School. The uniform can be purchased via Zaks: www.zaksstore.com. It is best to visit the store when you enrol your child so that they can try the uniform on, to check for an appropriate fit.

The most important person to be in contact with is your child’s class teacher. You can discuss anything to do with your child’s academic success and pastoral concerns with them. Teachers are busy throughout the day, but always aim to respond to emails within 24 hours. Our teachers are very keen to develop positive relationships with parents to support and develop the children’s learning. There are many opportunities throughout the year to meet with the class teacher, including a curriculum introduction early in the year, open mornings, end of topic class performances, parent-teacher evenings each term plus three sets of school reports each year. If you and your teacher felt an additional conversation was needed then a meeting can be easily arranged with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Every student at Belvedere International School is assigned to one of four Houses within the school. Our students and teachers are very passionate about their houses and healthy competition is established between Houses through school sports, performing arts and academic competitions.