Belvedere International School is a non-selective school, and we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to the educational provision we offer.

Inclusive education encompasses the principles of diversity, personalisation, equity, respect, acceptance and enrichment. When we improve the quality of inclusion within our schools, we improve education for all.

We welcome students of any race, nationality or cultural background. We see the diversity of our student and staff population as one of our greatest assets, and we make every attempt to give each and every student full access to our learning programmes.

Impairments only become disabilities when the person experiences barriers that prevent full and effective participation within a community, such as attitudes or physical environment. Therefore, a disability is the result of an individual’s interaction with society when barriers are not removed. Belvedere International School seeks to remove barriers to enable every student to feel safe, confident and happy at school.

Our determination to cultivate and maintain an inclusive ethos of the highest quality is fundamental to the way in which our school will evolve. We will give careful thought to the definition, implementation and review of policies to promote inclusion, including policies to tackle abusive behaviour such as racism and bullying. We will ensure that students themselves have a prominent voice in all matters that affect them, and we will act fairly and decisively in dealing with any behaviour that is contrary to our inclusive ethos. At all times, we will seek to provide exemplary leadership as role models ourselves.


We have a full time SENCO/ Social Worker at Belvedere. The Social Worker promotes the development of personal, emotional and social skills relevant to specific age groups. They also conduct individual and group counselling sessions on topics such as friendship, anxiety, parental divorce, anger and behaviour management.  

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