Within our Pre-Preparatory Department, we strive to create a positive, nurturing ethos where children, parents/ carers and visitors feel welcome and respected. We have established positive relationships with children and their families. Each child’s care and wellbeing are paramount enabling children in our care to feel settled, safe and secure.

We follow the British EYFS Curriculum where children are encouraged to lead their own play and participate in the range of activities on offer, which reflect their interests and development needs.

Children benefit from engaging in a range of well planned activities to support their emotional wellbeing.

Indoor/Outdoor play experiences are well set out to encourage children to learn through play. Children’s health and wellbeing are well supported through opportunities to learn about healthy lifestyles. Snack time is a positive, pleasant experience. 

Staff and Teaching Assistants are of the highest caliber thus ensuring children benefit from the right support at the right time to achieve their potential. 

As a team, we reflect very well together using a range of current guidance and good practice to strengthen self-evaluation within our department. We use these reflections to bring about positive changes to our environment both inside and outdoors and to support children and families. This enables us to to maintain high standards and identify where improvements are needed. The main focus for our FS2 children is on “Learning through play” with the children participating in “hands on” activities daily. These include songs, phonics, mathematics, STEM activities, musical/PE sessions, creative arts and role play. These activities help to encourage independence, individuality and imagination.

We also ensure our students Cultural Heritage is incorporated into our daily curriculum and they are reminded of the importance placed upon Education in the UAE.


Teresa Murray
Head of Pre-Preparatory