Information sessions provide an opportunity for parents to meet teachers, see their child’s classroom and gain an understanding of the curriculum. It is important for parents to attend all information sessions which involve their children. Parents are encouraged to ask for assistance and information from their child’s teacher at any time during the year.


Belvedere International School sets up a Parents' Forum for the Pre Prep, Prep and Senior schools over the first term. The Forum will aim to bring the school’s families together in a wholesome and nurturing spirit in numerous different ways, whilst looking to work together to enhance the teaching and pastoral facilities of the school. Any support is welcomed and invited no matter how small. Our class representatives are very welcome to come along to Forum meetings, which are held twice a term.


A collaborative working relationship between parents, staff and administration enhances the experiences and education of all children at Belvedere International School. To help better define our respective roles and expectations, and in the spirit of the school we have a Parent Code of Conduct.

These guidelines provide a reminder on the basic standards of conduct expected of all our parents, guardians and visitors. Belvedere International School is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment where all members of the community treat one another with dignity and mutual respect.

By enrolling your child at Belvedere International School, parents agree to abide by all school policies including the following guidelines.


When informed by the school of forthcoming Parents’ meetings each term, appointments can be booked to see the class teachers. Parents’ can always see their child’s teacher but will need to make an appointment through the school reception. Staff members will then organise an appropriate time after the school day or during if urgently needed. Please remember that Staff will be very busy at the start and end of the timetabled day so will have little time to talk as they will be responsible for their pupils’ welfare.

All members of Pre Prep, Prep and Senior School Community are expected to: