The aim of our uniform is for students to present a neat, work like appearance at all times and to take pride in being members of BIS.

Personal presentation is very important and a high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students at all times. The students are our ambassadors when they are out in the community and what they do and say, and how they look reflects on all of us.

The uniform is compulsory throughout the school and may be purchased from ZAKS.    
Uniform can be ordered online from https://www.zaksstore.com/.

House shirts are also available. Students will be placed in houses during their first few weeks at school, and will not be changed throughout the period of enrolment. Siblings will be placed in the same house.

Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labeled with the child’s name and class. Name tapes are excellent or alternatively, a waterproof marker pen.    
All students can wear their sports kit on PE/Swim days.


As part of the Belvedere International School uniform, all pupils (Pre Prep and Prep School) are required to wear black socks and black leather shoes for normal uniform school days. On designated P.E. days sports shoes and white socks are worn. The Pre Prep has a compulsory Indoor Shoes policy – a pair of white sports shoes with non-marking soles are to be kept at the Pre Prep for indoor shoe wear.

Any shoes for Pre Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils must be suitable for them to put on and take off by themselves. Please ensure that they have Velcro fastenings, not laces. Sports socks will be available to purchase in the future.

To ensure that your child has their school uniform ready, please be advised to place the school uniform order as soon as possible.

Uniforms are available from ZAKS Store:

  • Ground Floor Room 13, 14, Lulu Hypermarket LLC Al Ain, UAE
  • Tel: +971 37640612
  • Open 10 am – 7.30 pm Saturday to Thursday